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Es Muss Sein

ES MUSS SEIN is a project that challenges and reinvents traditional concepts of artist, curator, participants and the relationships between them. We invited 14 artists to respond to a text we wrote on liberation from control and acceptance of fate. This resulted in 14 single-frame shots each participant captured with a large format camera. In a performative process in the gallery, we’ve processed and responded to the images through sculptural, pictorial, and improvised means, creating new multi-layered and multi-medial images. The exhibition space was divided into a studio space where we worked on the images and a changing exhibition space where the images were displayed. In the last week of the exhibition, we removed the wall and transferred the gallery to a traditional gallery, showcasing all the images created throughout the show. ES MUSS SEIN is a captivating exploration of control, fate, and the power of collaboration in art.

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