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Absolute Value 

The project embarks on a quest for discarded landscapes, unveiling hidden narratives and transforming refuse into profound expressions of human interaction with the environment. At the heart of our work lies the creation of improvised freestyle monuments, constructed from the very garbage that once marred these sites.

One recurring element that permeates the colorful tapestry of our series is a sheet of vivid pink fabric. Serving as both a backdrop for the sculptures and an integral part of the artistic composition, this fabric assumes a dual role, blurring the boundaries between the physical and the ethereal. It weaves a visual symphony, sometimes enfolding select portions of the landscape, while at other times, forming gentle creases and undulations, echoing the contours of our artistic exploration.

In our photographic approach, we embrace a blend of classical studio photography principles with subtle nuances. Unlike the confines of a traditional studio, our sculptures are captured in the vast openness of outdoor spaces. The background, far from being a mere backdrop, becomes an active participant in the visual dialogue. Through careful composition, we orchestrate a dance between the objects themselves, their interaction with the pink fabric, and the resulting assemblage that comes alive within the photographic frame.

Color, a pivotal component of the second part of our series, assumes a paramount role. It injects vibrant richness into the sculptures, infusing them with a chromatic vibrancy that celebrates their newfound existence. These hues create a picturesque halo, bestowing a touch of awe upon the objects, as they transcend their original purpose and transcend into artistic emblems of transformation and rebirth.

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