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Stop Playing with Sheet

The main action in the work is a search for sites where garbage has been dumped and then using it ourselves to build an improvised freestyle monument at that site. Another element that repeats itself in the colourful part of the series is a sheet of pink fabric that serves as a background for the sculpture’s photograph and sometimes is also used as an actual object in the frame itself. After completing the construction of the statue in the field, we are left to carry out the last action in the process, photographing and commemorating the event. 

The photography method used in the series has similar principles as classical studio photography with some changes. first, the sculpture is photographed in an open space, unlike a studio photograph. Second, the role of the background is not unequivocal, the fabric sometimes covers only parts of the landscape, in other cases creases are formed in the fabric. We followed two formal principles, the first is the composition. 

The composition was expressed on three dimensions, between the objects themselves, between the objects to the pink fabric and the resulting assembly, and in front of the photographic frame. The second principle is color: in the second part of the series we chose to introduce color as an essential element that adds colorful richness to the sculpture and introduces a picturesque aspect in an attempt to create halos for the objects.

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