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Absolute Value 

The concept of natural resources often reflects mankind's materialistic perspective towards nature—a focus on exploitation, direct damage, and economic gain. This perspective, however, fails to address the moral and ethical considerations of our right or legitimacy to utilize these resources, resulting in a controversial mindset where anything seems permissible.

Our project aims to shed light on the visual scars and direct damage caused by human activities, emphasizing the wounds inflicted upon nature and the Israeli landscape. We deliberately delve into the layers of mining and quarrying, revealing humanity's desire for control, often manifested through negligence and landscape degradation. The abandonment of these quarrying sites, marked by deserted factories and discarded construction waste, symbolizes our disregard for the environment in pursuit of growth, expansion, and development. Furthermore, we also capture the adverse impact of current construction sites, which disturbingly resemble the quarrying sites, thus highlighting the ripple effect of landscape degradation.

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