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A natural resource is a term that relates to man's materialistic outlook at nature. Exploitation and direct damage for economic benefit and profit. The term lacks the moral and ethical dimension that asks whether we have the right or the legitimacy to use this resource, and it represents a controversial conception in which everything is permitted.


Natural resources (stone, sand, lime, etc.) are common in Israeli soil and are used for construction and paving. The production of these raw materials includes in it the process of massive quarrying in areas that directly affects the landscape. Areas that are cut off from open public use, noise from explosions from ongoing work in the quarries, fine dust that penetrates populated areas and harms the health of residents, and of course direct harm to nature and the surrounding wild life.


In this work we illustrate the scenic wound caused by man and expose the scars and direct damage to nature and the Israeli landscape. We chose to enter and document the layers on layers of mining and quarrying that reveal man's urge to control, which is expressed in neglect and damage to the landscape. The dramatic abandonment of the quarrying sites, which involves the abandonment of the factories and the throwing of construction waste, symbolizes for us the abandonment of man towards the nature around him for purposes of multiplication, expansion and construction. In addition to the quarrying sites, it was important for us to show the derivative action of the landscape damage by photographing current construction sites, which also show a frightening visual resemblance to the quarrying sites.

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