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Es Muss Sien

In this project, Hoki and Ariel collaborated with fellow artists from the art department of "Shenkar." They asked these artists to respond to texts on belonging and control by capturing a single analog photograph with a borrowed large-format camera. Hoki and Ariel then constructed a set within the gallery space and captured a unique photograph of it. Performative events took place during gallery hours, allowing visitors to observe the set-building process and photography. The exhibition showcased all the photographs created throughout the project.

Hoki and Ariel engaged in a dialogue and interpretive act in front of a live audience, deconstructing and reassembling the original imagery. Visitors witnessed the artists' communication and interpretive process, while the initial photographers relinquished control over their images. Nati and Tom, the project's next phase artists, worked without preparation or predetermined decisions. The exhibition challenged the traditional art production process, with visitors entering the artists' creative space and only seeing the results at the end.

The project, titled "Es Muss Sein," embraces liberation from control and accepting fate. Hoki and Ariel respond to the chosen photographs, transforming the gallery space into their studio, and capturing a single photograph of their set. They embrace mistakes as part of the process, fostering an open space for dialogue, response, and learning.

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